A MasterClass for the Accommodation Industry

Perfect  for Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Short Term Rentals, Airbnb and Industry Professionals

Take your social media strategy to new heights!


Learn how to set up clear objectives audience profiles and content pillars for social media success.

In the MasterClass you'll get access to my social media workshop template. This is the EXACT same workshop I do with my clients to set them up for social media success. I'll show you step by step how to complete it and also run through a real example.

  • Classes starting at all times of the day.

Time zone: Round the Clock

What happens when you put your email in? 

  1. You'll be taken to a confirmation page, you'll need to confirm your email. I only want real people in my class.
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  3. If you don't watch the MasterClass I'll email you a few times to remind you I'm waiting for you.
  4. If you do watch the MasterClass - WooHoo! I expect you to start implementing asap.  I'll email you about my Social Media Workshop Course and offer you a generous discount.
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There you have it. Now you know exactly what's about to go down. Click Grab My Spot and I'll see you on the inside. 

Katie Hokin

MasterClass Educator

Hotel Marketing Specialist

Katie Hokin is a self-professed hotel nerd, servicing a number of hotels and resorts across the country with all things digital and branding. In addition to managing the performance of her hotel portfolio, Katie offers online courses that hone in on areas that hotel marketers are not leveraging to their full potential. Social media, Google Ads and content strategy are just some of the domains Katie dominates, with the mission of arming each hotel with the skills and drive necessary to keep up with this fast-moving industry.